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Visco cover image featuring a stylised river

Visco, by David Fell

Jo Castle, Londoner and thirty-something firefighter, wants to save the world by being the opposite of Jack Reacher.  She starts with care – care for her friends and family, care for community, care for the planet.  Together with best friend Miranda, step-brother Mike and ex-boyfriend Robert, Jo turns a giant music festival on an island in the River Thames into the living city of Visco.  Visco is a ‘carnival of care’, a radical experiment that challenges the very bedrock of capitalism.  The story of its emergence, and how it overcomes the Establishment, is a ray of hope in dark times.

Winner of the Green Stories Novel Prize 2020

  • “A beautiful, dazzling and unique novel.” Professor Ian Gough, LSE and University of Bath.
  • An ambitious and innovative novel that is impressive in both scope and subject matter.” Lorena Goldsmith, Literary Consultant.
  • Quite unique.  Clever, funny and uplifting.” Stephanie Heath.
  • Really enjoyable.  Beautiful, spare yet punchy writing style.”  Elina Kivinen
  • An ambitious work of literary fiction with wonderfully rounded and diverse characters.” Denise Baden, Green Stories.

To purchase Visco eBook direct for £3.99 please click here.

The paperback of Visco is available to buy here.